third star

Yes, indeed, you should car pool, but not the Mayor! or so the rumormongering mill over at I do believe the (I do believe car pooling might of been mentioned on this blog .. months ago oops, almost a year ago! Allthough a car pooling and bus lane only would be an excellent idea, which you probably heard here for the first time ever! As there is already bus lanes. . .this would be easy to implement. . .  

Yes, the was a pointing out how the Mayor wants you to car pool, but not himself. I suppose because the Mayor wants more room to drive to work! Yes, indeed, everyone better pull over and start car pooling, to get out of the way, because the Mayors on the road, or so the story goes, over at the

I suppose he’s carrot and sticking all those duely elected councilors to vote for the mortals of Edmonton to be fined for not car pooling. After all someone has to pay for those excessive cost of living increases council and the mayor will be getting.Which is just what the non-voting majority want, to keep not voting. Such apathetic to the people policies only encourage the people to Not vote. And not voting is what it’s all about, that way the Mayor and such only have to con around 10 poorcent of the people to keep it the way it is.

Which is higher taxes, higher council wages, and things only getting done when there is an election!

After all it’s almost 1/2 a month since the election, and what exactly has council done for you besides waste lots of taxpayers money?
Don’t worry councilors, allthough the stick may make you cringe, the carrot will probably be tasty!

On a side note:

I noticed why a certain copy and paste scribe is truly a scribe,
and not a columnist, nor reporter, nor anything approaching an editor!
Yes, indeed, there I was, the other day, still enjoying the VICTORY of
the voters of Edmonton caring enough about the environment and such to place your truely,
Dave Dowling in 3rd place in the Mayor of Edmonton race the 6th largest city in Canada,
when someone I know showed me something dark, something bad, something horrid.
A scribe trying to be a writter, and making a horrid mistake, almost a lie!
Yes, indeed a certain scribe, did indeed call me a ‘video creator?’ Video creator?
Never heard of that title! New age movie producer, Producer, video producer
youtube clip producer or even Media activist Media clip producer,
would have been the proper form, and proper title.
but instead we have what we have, a mere and meager scribe,
unable to comprehend the election VICTORY of 3rd place out of 9 candidates,
on a budget of under $20 USA, and using a ten thousand dollar press to be a bully
and use that press for Name calling like a bully in a school does.
On top of the numerous spewing of fringe at myself,
this bully scribe who has recieved this email
and does not work at the excellent paper the
has also flung at me the name of gonzo, and now can not admit I am an excellent video producer,
and has instead flung the name of video creator at me, Dave Dowling, probably out of spite or something simillar in horrid taste.
Once would have been allright, but now, now we have three instances of improper name flinging 
(fringe, gonzo, creator).  been flung my way by the bully of the press, scribe whats his name over at the broadsheet place.
I may not have a billion dollar press like the wonderful Edmonton sun has, or a rundown piece of crap press like the bully scribe uses but I know bullism when I see it.