GM announced a 39 BILLION dollar loss. The loony is going up, up and up, approaching if not over $1.10. Record territory, a place it has not been in 50 years. This means the banks would only give you eighty something cents Canadian for that american dollar. Oil hitting 90 dollars Canadian. And retailers telling us they will continue to rip Canadians off, by charging USA prices, instead of 10 % below USA prices. the price of Gold gained more today. Oil royalty rates in Alberta, are stil some of the lowest in the world, yet that Greg Stringham of the oil companies still groans. And paste and copy scribe scott of the broadsheet paper is still trying to learn how to write excellent prose! Meanwhile, Mr. Kerry Diotte of the excellent paper the is still posting excellent articles and showing why he is a columnist. Something broadsheet scribes only dream of being.

If the retailers keep up, it will probably be a record Xmas year for sales due to the low cost of imports.  

Meanwhile, Edmontons re-elected Mayor carrots and sticks councilors into voting in the largest ever tax increase for Edmonton!

And of course the minmum wage lost purchasing power again this month. As did all those on fixed incomes.

If only the councilors of Edmonton’s city council could actually represent the people, instead of just voting how the mayor carrot and sticks them to vote. Yes indeed, those Edmonton city councilors may fear the stick, but they luv the yummy carrots. I am sure the re-elected Mayor keeps a big bag of nice carrots around, just in case, the stick breaks. . .

And when, when is that broadsheet scribe gonna run in an election on his platform of upping the fees and signatures needed on the candidate form to the point that only property developers, bankers and oil barons can run in elections? When scribe, when?