Did any of those councilors campaign on raising taxes by the highest increase ever? Of course not!

Indeed yes, Edmonton is about to recieve its highest tax increase ever!  What is the Mayor smokin’? Yeppers it sure isn’t Marijuana the Mayors smoking, its your pockets, purses and bank accounts the Mayor is smokin’. And smokin’ ’em good, he truly is, with the largest ever tax increase ever, in all of Edmontons history!

Unfortuantly the people over at the www.edmontonsun.com got it wrong, this tax increase is not the largest since 1982, it’s the largest ever in all of Edmontons history, the entire budget of 1982 did not even come close to the $HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF YOUR DOLLARS TAX INCREASE this year.

It’s a record, its the largest ever, its beyond belief, this tax increase is something Stalin and Hitler would be proud of.

And of course those city councilors, those edmonton city councilors will of course be carroted and sticked into voting how the Mayor carrot and sticks them to vote. the Mayor of Edmonton will be sticking them city councilors until the carrot looks like Ambrosia of the gods, which they will open wide for and swallow.

The city councilors of Edmonton like to open wide for the Mayor and swallow, because they like carrots and most likely cringe at the mere mention of the “stick.”

Yes indeed, all that loot wrung from the overtaxed voters pockets, and nary a nickel for cost effective environmental friendly power.

Indeed, it looks as if on oct 11 2007, the Mayor of Edmonton was only conning everyone and only standing for votes, and not really standing for clean power.