Would you go for coffee with hitler? would you sit down to dinner with a serial killer? would you dance with the devil?
After been a candidate in 5 elections, I can honestly say that is what dealing with corporate media is: coffee with hitler, dinner with a killer, or devil dancing your soul away. .  .

Yes indeed, they all suck. Most are scribes and actors, working for paycheck, instead of been reporters or investigators. Driven by greed filled corporate directors in a quest for bottom line profits, truth and such give way to sensationalism.  I know for a fact, from been a Candidate in 5 elections. If a Candidate does not throw obsene amounts of cash at them, the media try to trash that candidate, the way a school yard bully treats the victim in the school yard. I know so, for I have stood in 5 elections as a Candidate where I gave them no obsene amounts of money, and like a bully they tried to treat me.  I had insultive name after name after name  hurled at me by those media, again and again and again. I had off topic questions by those media. They were asking about my style of shirt, rather than my platform of changing things for the better!

Yes indeed, in an election, a shirt is more important to the media, than the platform, when you give them no molla.

I believe most of those corporate controlled media people smoke pot. It’s always on their mind when I am around. For example in the last civic election in Edmonton, Canadas 6th largest city, even though, I had an ALBERTA BLOC button on where ever I went, that was never mentioned once, unless I brought it up, all the media could do was mention marijuana with my name every chance they had! I am sure they all smoke it , they talk so much about it.

You ar e better off googling for information rather than reading a tree killing paper for entertainment, whose only goal is a quest for profit. you are better off downloading a movie, rather than watching a commercial filled TV, from a TV station whose bottom line is a shareholder profits. You are better off pluggin’ in that mp3 player, rather than listening to a commerical filled radio out for profit.

Yes, that one link to the one media blog is now down, because they all suck In My opinion.

All my press releases will now be done here on www.wordpress.com or on youtube, or other such free venues,

because the corporate media suck and are part of the problem.

www.wordpress.com  www.youtube.ca www.facebook.com and such are the new media, where we are the media that no longer need the corporate owned media, that sacrificed the public trust in the name of corporate greed. . . and if these new media also slay the public trust in the quest for corporate greed, they too can be replaced, after all there is the internet, where anyone can post the truth, email people, put up a blog, post a video, and create a web site.

Be the solution, not the problem, and turn off the commerical laden corporations out to pillage your pockets, and use that mp3 player, www.wordpress.com , www.youtube.com and other such new media of the new millenium.