Zofia Cisowski is the mother of Robert Dziekanski, who was killed over a month ago.

pm@pm.gc.ca  is the email for the prime minister, so you can email the prime minister to ask the prime minister why no one has been charged in the murder of innocent Robert Dziekanski?


I am beyond shocked after watching

Paul Pritchard’s video. the death of Robert Dziekanski, innocent traveler, who was a bit frustrated after a 18 hour flight, and a ten hour wait at a foreign airport, where no one spoke his language.

Robert Dziekanski did nothing to warrent police pulling out a gun and shooting him, nor did Robert Dziekanski the innocent say anyting to warrent police pulling out a gun and shooting him dead, as he appears to only speak polish.

Robert Dziekanski did not deserve to have a death sentance by electric chair summarly thrust upon him with no judge nor jury present.

Robert Dziekanski was murdered by four criminals.

Cisowski’s lawyer Walter Kostekyj said funds are being raised to pay for her to return to Poland with her son’s ashes.

He said the fund will also help pay for the hiring of medical and other experts for the upcoming coroner’s inquest into Dziekanski’s death. “