Robert Knipstrom, 36 of chillawack, died. Another family “shocked, saddend, ” and in grief, when they should not be.

Another victim of  police state brutality, that was not nessecary and far beyond what was needed. Mr. Knipstrom was no terrorist, hell bent on blowing up Canadian troops. Mr. Robert Knipstrom was Pepper sprayed, batoned and tasered  so much “, four days later he is dead.” Robert Knipstrom did nothing to warrent a life sentance in jail, nor an electrocution until dead fiour days later.

In a democracy, elected officials write laws that apply to everyone equally. Equality is what democracies are all about. In a Democracy, like Canada, those that are elected write laws like there is no death penalty in Canada. In a police state police rountinely, and arbitrally, enforce that their opinion is law, which the justice system backs up, like the continued marijuana persecutions, when the marijuana laws were turfed in 2000, ( continued tasering death sentances.

Is Canada a Democracy?

Instead of putting taxpayer dollars into tasers, the governments should be putting those tax dollars into solar panels. solar Panels are a far better way to use electricity than tasers, any moment of any year.

I have a feeling though, that the current mayor of Edmonton has more money budgeted for tasers than is budgeted for solar panels, to be gouged from the overtaxed voters pockets.