December 2007

Merry Xmas Everyone, for my sucks.  Which will probably make Scott McKeen and his ilk all so ever happy. I am sure he likes the disabled he hates starving for Xmas, and proabably will fling a new name my way for it.

Now, I may have gotten actual letters from premier ed on subjects like getting people to vote, homes for the poor, etc etc, which I have not mentioned in any media until now, but all those aside.

PREMIER ED IS A GRINCH or worse! When his office is notified about a disabled person been threatend and slandered in a letter, and all premier ed does about it is let more slander happen, let the dastardly slanderers withold the disabled person ‘s check for two months, just in time for Xmas, PREMEIR ED IS A GRINCH. when that same premier lets someone with a gun and tazer and club in a confidential appeal hearing to intimidate the disable person who is appealing the decision of the GRINCH, the PREMIER IS A GRINCH.

He is such a GRINCH, I may do whatever it takes to stand for election in his riding and use my tale of woe and horror as a campaign platform, going door to door to make sure no noe votes for a GRINCH.

He only appears to listen, and only does that for votes.


Coming soon in the new year will be the Bakhtairi incident.
Yes, indeed, i will be posting here how the Alberta government names people on social assistance bakhitairi and worse, and how for christmas, the alberta government likes certain disabled people on social assistance to starve and freeze to death for Xmas.

It involves the premier of alberta, the Mayor of Edmonton election, Disabled people on social assistance, edmonton city police and more.

Its a tale worthy of an Oscar winning movie it is so horrid beyond belief.

I will be posting it in the New Year, as I am still Trying to enjoy the holiday season. . . .

This is such a tale of woe and horror and barbarianism, and police state brutality, an dpolitical discrimination, it is worthy of an oscar winning movie. Bakhtairi gate involves the social workers: Jerry Duguay, ron Walk, johm Mitchell, the minister of social services and the premier of Alberta, and it all started during the Edmonton civic election.

I would have mentioned it to them, but of course they were more concerned flinging that name of fringe around, so this is why you are reading all about it here, and not in the media, because the media do not care.

Bakhtairi-gate involves the Alberta Government using its social services for naming one of the Candidates in the last edmonton civic election “bakhtairi” . . . . and worse. . . . in official threating letters!

Yes indeed, Letters that basicly say  “go and freeze in the streets or starve to death on them.”

Premier Ed’s way of giving certain disabled people a “Merry Christmas”

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As the shortest day of the year approaches, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

and may 2008 be even better than 2007.

Willy he appeal? 

Indeed, yes, the jury found pickton guilty of six counts of second degree murder. The difference between first and second degree is with a first, there is no parole for 25 years. With second degree murder he could get paroled in 10 years, he does though have 6  life sentances to do , and a possible 20 or more charges to go.

Hopefully this sad and sorry trial brings closure to this issue for a lot of people.

I wonder though, what will happen to these killers?

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Yes indeed, here, there are, with the link to show, I, Dave Dowling, made them back in 2007,
Dec 18 to be precise. . .

“2007 Predicitons:
1 there will be a war somewhere.
2 Computers will be improved.
3 There will be a natural disaster somewhere. . .
4 a medical advance will happen!
5 Some technological devices will be cheaper to buy!
6 Banks will make Billions. . . this one is the one that may or may not happen prediction. .. after all the world could end. . .
7 The people of Edmonton will go to the polls to elect a city council!
8 A boat will sink. . . somewhere. . .
9 More people will surf the internet
10 you will get spam in your inbox, unless of course you have good spam filters on. . .
Which just begs the question Is there spam in the inbox if you never check it?

Stay tune as I shall be making some more predictions for 2008, which shall be posted here.

 the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

Instead of going to the UN or some other official world government body, A copy of the Magna Carta is been auctioned off. . . to whomever bids the most.

” “Sotheby’s vice chairman David Redden calls it “the most important document in the world,. . . . . . It is absolutely correct to say the Magna Carta is the birth certificate of freedom. It states the bedrock principle that no person is above the law – that is the essence of it.” ”

The people of Canada have said, there is no death penalty in Canada, yet the police and courts arbitralily and routinely ignore this. In violation of all that the Magna Carta and other such documents stand for, Police, courts and politicians and now the rich seam to be above the law.

In a Democracy all people are equal before the law, yet this is not the case in Canada. Is Canada a democracy?