the Vote DAVE DOWLING Blimp

Instead of going to the UN or some other official world government body, A copy of the Magna Carta is been auctioned off. . . to whomever bids the most.

” “Sotheby’s vice chairman David Redden calls it “the most important document in the world,. . . . . . It is absolutely correct to say the Magna Carta is the birth certificate of freedom. It states the bedrock principle that no person is above the law – that is the essence of it.” ”

The people of Canada have said, there is no death penalty in Canada, yet the police and courts arbitralily and routinely ignore this. In violation of all that the Magna Carta and other such documents stand for, Police, courts and politicians and now the rich seam to be above the law.

In a Democracy all people are equal before the law, yet this is not the case in Canada. Is Canada a democracy?