Coming soon in the new year will be the Bakhtairi incident.
Yes, indeed, i will be posting here how the Alberta government names people on social assistance bakhitairi and worse, and how for christmas, the alberta government likes certain disabled people on social assistance to starve and freeze to death for Xmas.

It involves the premier of alberta, the Mayor of Edmonton election, Disabled people on social assistance, edmonton city police and more.

Its a tale worthy of an Oscar winning movie it is so horrid beyond belief.

I will be posting it in the New Year, as I am still Trying to enjoy the holiday season. . . .

This is such a tale of woe and horror and barbarianism, and police state brutality, an dpolitical discrimination, it is worthy of an oscar winning movie. Bakhtairi gate involves the social workers: Jerry Duguay, ron Walk, johm Mitchell, the minister of social services and the premier of Alberta, and it all started during the Edmonton civic election.

I would have mentioned it to them, but of course they were more concerned flinging that name of fringe around, so this is why you are reading all about it here, and not in the media, because the media do not care.

Bakhtairi-gate involves the Alberta Government using its social services for naming one of the Candidates in the last edmonton civic election “bakhtairi” . . . . and worse. . . . in official threating letters!

Yes indeed, Letters that basicly say  “go and freeze in the streets or starve to death on them.”

Premier Ed’s way of giving certain disabled people a “Merry Christmas”