Merry Xmas Everyone, for my sucks.  Which will probably make Scott McKeen and his ilk all so ever happy. I am sure he likes the disabled he hates starving for Xmas, and proabably will fling a new name my way for it.

Now, I may have gotten actual letters from premier ed on subjects like getting people to vote, homes for the poor, etc etc, which I have not mentioned in any media until now, but all those aside.

PREMIER ED IS A GRINCH or worse! When his office is notified about a disabled person been threatend and slandered in a letter, and all premier ed does about it is let more slander happen, let the dastardly slanderers withold the disabled person ‘s check for two months, just in time for Xmas, PREMEIR ED IS A GRINCH. when that same premier lets someone with a gun and tazer and club in a confidential appeal hearing to intimidate the disable person who is appealing the decision of the GRINCH, the PREMIER IS A GRINCH.

He is such a GRINCH, I may do whatever it takes to stand for election in his riding and use my tale of woe and horror as a campaign platform, going door to door to make sure no noe votes for a GRINCH.

He only appears to listen, and only does that for votes.