January 2008

Tonight I am enjoying the benifits of a small solar power system!


I scrimped and saved up a whoppingly large pile of Canadian tire money and bottles and spent them all on

1 solar panel, a charge controller, a deep cycle battery, and an inverter! after hooking it all up, I am now running three lights, a clock radio and a small portable dvd player off of it! I will also be using it too charge my rechargable AA and triple A batteries. . . It should pay for itself in savings in 2 to 3 years.
It was a bit under $300 for everything including an extension cord. The hardest thing to hook up was mounting the solar panel. a one legged monkey could do the rest.

If only the city could follow this fine example of leadership, and get the entire city off grid. less than one third of one years city taxes could buy one million of the systems I just installed in my house.

Leadership. Some people on social assistance have it, while lots of Mayors, premiers and Prime Ministers don’t.


the Unelected as premier Ed, is a horror of a person with no ears. No ears because he does not listen to Alberta, nor Albertans.

HE is such a dispickable person, I have decidede to stand as a Candidate in his riding.  I will use my tale of woe and horror as a campaign platform to tell people why they should never ever vote for a BARBARIAN.

 Ed wants farmers to starve, the hospital in his riding has been poisoning people, na d what his government does to the disabled is righty out of hitlers diaries and platform.

I am sure Ed has a swastika or 20 around his house, he probably has one tatooed on his ass, he is such a horrid person who does notihng for any albertan with a problem. I know so, I contacted his office over the bakhtairi incident, and he did absolutely less than nothing for me. . . .

Ed is the nutzi that decided Oil Companies can get the lowest in the world oil royalty rates, while you get no more rebate checks ever.

I am sure Ed the nutzi has plans to up your taxes.