the Unelected as premier Ed, is a horror of a person with no ears. No ears because he does not listen to Alberta, nor Albertans.

HE is such a dispickable person, I have decidede to stand as a Candidate in his riding.  I will use my tale of woe and horror as a campaign platform to tell people why they should never ever vote for a BARBARIAN.

 Ed wants farmers to starve, the hospital in his riding has been poisoning people, na d what his government does to the disabled is righty out of hitlers diaries and platform.

I am sure Ed has a swastika or 20 around his house, he probably has one tatooed on his ass, he is such a horrid person who does notihng for any albertan with a problem. I know so, I contacted his office over the bakhtairi incident, and he did absolutely less than nothing for me. . . .

Ed is the nutzi that decided Oil Companies can get the lowest in the world oil royalty rates, while you get no more rebate checks ever.

I am sure Ed the nutzi has plans to up your taxes.