It is far past the time for fixed elections dates. this is the new millenium, yet some seam to want to use old millenium rules. Premier Barbarian , the unelected as premier has called a provincial election in the middle of winter! Why? because less people vote in winter is why. with a slap in to the face of democracy, with a barbed winter glove, premier barbarian looks to be trying for the lowest voter turnout ever in all the history of democracy in this nation named Alberta.

Will premier Barbarian ever name Alberta a nation? probably not, I do believe Premier Barbarian looks at Albewrta as a Oil corporation satrap, with the measely 1/20th of a cent oil royalty rate rise he granted to the corporations, while no oil royalty rebate check for you and your overworked family.

No instead its lowest in the world oil royalty rates until the barbarians are thrown out , which will hopefully happen on March 3rd.

Vote for anyone but the barbarian and the  barbarian corporate party. Make sure you vote, because it will probably be the lowest voter turnout ever, like barbarians like, so your vote will count even more.

A fixed election date should be in the late spring or early summer, when its warm, and people are not yet on holidays. then voter turnout will be a lot higher than it will be on this probably historic lowest voter turnout ever in Alberta.