Shows that Premier Barbarian did indeed achieve the lowest voter turnout in a provincial election this millenium! Its a record he should be ashamed of! But of course Premier Barbarian will use the record lowest voter turnout ever in this millenium to proclaim he has a mandate to tax and spend all those tax dollars untill there is nothing left to show for it , but a ravaged environment wherever there is resources that a company can exploit!

Premier Barbarian will of course and has proclaimed his record lowest wining vote total ever (only about 20% of the people actually voted for the Barbarian party) as a resounding victory. victory for Who, I must ask? For a record lowest voter turnout ever is not a victory for Democracy. Maybe a victory for BARBARIANISM, which of course despises Democracy, and wants people to Not vote.

It looks as if the winds will be turning more bitter and polluted in Alberta.