Yes indeed, the proof is over at youtube, here on this blog. Proof I was righty in naming him PREMIER BARBARIAN!

For PREMIER BARBARIAN did indeed, just as I predicted, achive the lowest voter turnout ever in this millenium!

The fractured opposition that can not work together, along with winter helped achive the resounding 20% of the vote victory.

The non-voters won again, for thier record almost 60% not turning out to vote insures they once again have no representation in the legislature.

Also, 1/2 of the vote counters having ties with the premiers office probably helped.

Yes, in riding after riding, if one adds up the opposition votes, its a victory, if they only ran one candidate instead of 4 or 5. indeed, the fractured opposition votes insured the sweeping majority for the Barbarian party!

It looks like it is time for a Provincial Alberta Bloc, composed of people that can work together. Green, wild rose, liberal, new democrat, independant, all would be welcome to work together until the Barbarians are defeated!