The environmental friendly vote dave dowling vehicle

Nanites are machines so small one can not see them with just eyes. One needs powerful microscopes to see things built on the nano-meter scale. Nanites will radically change everything. I read a few years ago that the University of Edmonton had ten tunneling scanning electron microscopes installed in a special building inside a building to research nano machines. the building inside a building is built so that vibrations from traffic and other such things do not effect what they do there on the nano scale or smaller.

Like Nuclear materials nanites can have benificial ro detremental effects for humans and the planet.

For example. A Swarm of medical nanites could be injected or injested into a body to kill cancer dead. Or different medical nanites could even fix bones, remove unwanted buildups from arteries and perhaps even help speed up thinking processes in the brain. these are all benificial examples of nanites. Nanite windmills to generate electric power, nanite assemblers to build computers, are again, more examples of beneficial use of nanite technology.

Then there is the evil use of nanites, like spying nanites, and nanites that can cause heart attacks, or nanites that just keep destroying a brain, or nanites that seek out enemy troops and kill them dead by other nefarious ways and means. Or nanites that instead of helping food crops grow, make they die. Technology can be either good or bad depending what use us humans put it to.

What is been researched there, good or bad uses for nanites? And of course it is not the only nanite reacher center on this planet, there is others. What the heck are they doing at those facilities? Is this knowledge kept from us, and if so why? Is there a world organization that watches nanite development like there is for nuclear materials? If not why? For nanites can be more dangerous than nuclear weapons ever could. At least a nuclear weapon is large, takes up a vast amount of space, and gives off detectable quantities of radiation, unlike a  so small you can not see it nanite. 

All nanites should be tagged, regesitered, and open to public scrutiney, wherever they are built or are. Just like nukes, Locations, amounts and types of all nanites should be tracked and recorded with verifiable accounting proceedures open to public viewing by anyone. anything less is detrimental to the human species. Avian flu would be nothing compared to a self replicating nanite on a mission to seek and destroy humans. One is all it would take. Hopefully this science “fiction” horror never happens.

I, myself perfer the benign type of nanites, like the ones that kill cancer cells.