A Pair rant ley the currunt Mayor Tax and spend of Edmonton has had a brilliant tax and spend proposal for your pockets! Yes indeed, far more important than environmentally friendly power is a geodesic dome in Squandering Square(Churchhill Square) to keep the elected dignitories warm in winter!

Yes indeed, Edmonton winters are cold beyond belief, with snow piled so high, one would think it was an ice age blowing in with that snow storm. Edmonton has of course lots of carnivals and such in Squandering Square, and those elected ones need lots of tax dollars to keep warm during such events. And of course, that $200,000 or more coming from the overtaxed voters pockets would probably buy 200 kilowatts of clean wind power generation according to http://www.sentex.net/~sxing/generator/generator.htm

Hmmm, elected ones warmth vrs clean power. . . I predict the elected ones warmth comes first! Again and again and again. . . .