It looks as if in Edmonton, and in alberta, and maybe even in Canada the non-voter needs the old kick in the ass, as the government that likes Democracy where less and less people voting would say. Yes the Barbarians that hate voters, like to call elections in winter, make sure the playing field is unfair, buy off the media, and stack the deck whichever way they can, and they still call it Democracy, and overwhelming mandates when less than 20 % vote the Barbarian party in. When less than 50 % vote in provincial elections and less than 30% vote in civic elections, there should be another election.

The provincial government could very easily implement a tax rebate system for those that vote in civic elections.

Or perhaps a tax credit incentive to get people out to the polls, where when one votes, they are given a $50 tax rebate when income taxes are filed. Similar to a GST rebate check, indexed to paychecks and perhaps more non-voters would make it to those polls. That combined with proportional representation would perhaps make it so OVER 50% of the people were voting, and then everyone could actually name it a democracy where democratic is the rule of law.

Provincial Democratic reform.
0 Proportional representation.  
1 fixed election dates in the late spring or summer when its warm.
2 Actual campaign reform consisting of
 a equal media access for candidates
 b equal campaigning funds coming from a general fund.
 c Public list of which candidates raised how much for the general fund, with a public list of any doner who contributes in the name of which candidate both listed online and updated daily.
 d $50 tax rebate issued to those that vote, so an incentive is there for people to vote.
 e extend poll times to be open during the entire election!

3 look at making voting easier by looking into and implementing online voting, voting by phone, voting through bank machines.

Perhaps when those Democratic reforms happen and more than 50 % of the people vote in elections, those candidates will actually be standing for what they believe in instead of just standing for votes. . .