If 60 % of the people could not read, the government would do something, the same if 60% of the people were sick. Yet 60% of the people are not voting and the governments continue to do less than nothing. Less than nothing is been in the position to do something and not.  

Spending the tax payers money on  the golden geodesic dome to keep the dignitaties warm and dry in Squandering square during events seam to me to be a tad wasteful for a city. Would it not be more wizr to use such money to invest in the principles of Democracy. Just look at the voter turnout, that is where investments should be made. Wize investments to get people to vote and participate in that which is named Democracy.

Democracy seams to be vanishing as encumbants think of new and improved nefarious ways to unlevel the candidate playing field, all while making sure only thier patrty faithful make it to the polls.

What is needed in Edmonton, Alberta and Canada is some incentives for the non-voter to get off the couch, away from the screen, and make it to the polls so we can name it Democracy. 

https://davedowling.wordpress.com/2008/03/13/the-non-voting-majority/  Has some of my ideas on how to improve the voting record.

Instead we have more squandering in squandering square(Churchhill square), finace ministers picking fights with provinces, and a party in Alberta saying 20% support is a resounding Mandate, while a crisis in Democracy continues to unfold with voter turnout going down and down.