April 2008

We need more solar panels, more windmills, more electric vehicles, and more such environmental friendly concepts and products. Here in the heart of the land of Oil it is the least our government should be doing.

Winkies Back!

Food prices ar eup because fuel prices are up. governements went and took a bunch of good food growing land and used it for growing corn for fuel.

Instead of planting hemp in those areas where not much grows, which is land that hemp likes, and the fact that it grows in northern areas of Canada where corn grows not, and the fact that hemp produces more bio-mass than corn per hectare, the pillaging pirates in Government, owners of the rare three eyed parrots did indeed go and embrace the hard to grow everywhere in Canada; americanized, geneticized, pattenized sterilized corn. . .

In a fitting tribute to mel gibsons apocolypose or whatever the heck it is spelt, those pirates in Government choosed the blood drenched continued prohibiiton of hemp so people worldwide can bleed to death fighting over cheeper food. cheep cheep says winkie the three eyed parrot.

Winky on a side note would of course predict in a scott mckeen vrs Kerry Diotte duel: Mr Diotte would win with an apostrophe, a statement in Bold and of course a superior style of writting and grasp of the language of politics!

Yes, ten legged frogs, 5 lunged fish, 6 tailed deer, and beavers with no teeth will probably be on the evolutionary horizon thanks to all the toxic stuff the government that the voters voted in, lets corporations spew into the air, water and land. The real question of course is will the same happen to humans? Will all the toxic stuff us humans ingest cause humans to evolve backwards on the evolutionary ladder?

After all is 6 legs good or bad? Is 5 lungs beneficial? will 7 winged eagles be able to fly or hover like a helicopter? My thougts and spelling typos on this matter is such things are detremental to humans and show us that we need to change the way we do some things.

We need more solar panels, more windmills, more electric vehicles, and more such environmental friendly concepts and products. Here in the heart of the land of Oil it is the least our government should be doing.


the fascist Random use of police sniffer dogs without a warrent from a judge is a  breach of Charter rights!: Said the top court of Canada.

CBC News, CTV, global they are all trying to water it down so the criminalistic fascist forces look like heros instead of the criminals they have shown themselves to truely be!

The arbitrary use of a drug-sniffing police demon dog during an annual arranged fascist crackdown search of a southwestern Ontario school’s childrens personal belongings was unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled This end of April. they should have had those fascist officers keel-hauled into that court for some Justice. Canadian Justice that is.

The supremes issued and  ruled that the fascist criminal actions of the fascist forces breached Section 8 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms covering what constitutes reasonable search and seizure. Another section of the charter, section 24 of the charter states tyhat anyone , whos rights have been infringed upon can of course apply to a court of competent juristicition for compensation for the infringement upon thier rights and freedoms.

This case of fascist forces abusing thier victims , should influence the tazer weilding fascist forces police powers all across the mighty land of Alberta. this case of fascist forces abusing innocent school children started with a fascist forces stormtroopering into St. Patrick’s High School in Sarnia in 2002, without a warrent signed by any justice. During that stormtroopering of terrorizing innocent children with the horrid powers of fascism, innocent students were forced to stay in terror in their classrooms as a fascist forces trained police demon devil dog sniffed out backpacks in an empty gymnasium, while the students were terrorized by the abuse and infringement upon their rights and freedoms as guarenteed by LAW.

Who carried the backpacks to the Gym? Was anything else stolen from them? Were guns pointed at students? were they threatend with tazers? were School employees also there abusing peoples rights and freedoms?

The Rabid demon devil dog led the fascist forces to a huge pile of backpacks,about which no one really knows why or how they were put there. were students forced to put them there under threat of tazering or Worse? the fascist forces started squaking that one of those pack may of contained marijuana and magic mushrooms, which may of been put there by the fascist forces in an attempt to justify thier crimes perpetrated upon innocent children in school who learned that day, what a police state truely is. A police state is where thoe police figure you have no rights and freedoms and that the fascist forces of the police can search you however and whenever they wish, no warrent from any judge needed by the fascist forces in a police state.

An innocent youth, a hero, known  only as A.M, was subsequently charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, even though the Marijuana laws sere struck down in 2000 and parliment has not yet written new laws

The fascist forces  admitted they broke the law, the rule of law, thier oaths, and a few other criminal code of canada laws, when they didn’t have a search warrant issued by a judge. The fascist forces seam to have had a long-standing invitation from school officials, which just makes me wonder how many aiding and abeting and consperacy charges those School officials commited. . .

In 2004, the honerable Court of Appeal in Ontario agreed with  a previous trial judge’s decision to exclude the drugs as evidence and acquit the youth. In an attempt to water down the seriousness of the crimes committed by the fascist forces that day, The court referred to the incident as “a warrantless, random search with the entire student body held in detention.” Instead of a serious breach of Oath, breach of the public trust, and who knows what else. 

Crown Persecutors who seam to have no reguard for people, the law, the rule of law, rights and freedoms of people, have sniveled  the sniffer demon devil dogs don’t constitute a search and only provide information that could lead to one, in a crackpot attempt to furthur take away peoples rights and freedoms through nefarious actions. . . . 

Crown persecutors and the fascist forces keep harking on and on saying  that smells in public air aren’t private and compare it to officers detecting an odour in the air in thier meager 1/2 attempt to do away with everyones rights and freedoms.

Get out and Vote you lazy couch potatoes or soon you will all be in the Jail of the fascist forces police state!

I would personally like to once again thank the Edmonton Sun newspaper and the Edmonton sun employees and contractors and freelance reporters for such excellent election coverage on the provincial and Edmonton Municipal elections!

As I not only talked Campaign reform, but actually did it in the last Edmonton civic election, I was amazed at the total number of votes I, Dave Dowling recieved.

With all the venom dripping spittle flung my way by the Edmonton Sun’s so called competition, I was not just amazed, but totally amazed that with a campaign budget of under $20 so many thousands voted for me, Dave Dowling. I suppose it just goes to show that there is people in Edmonton who care about the environment, our quality of life, and such things like overtaxation and wasteful spending of those taxed dollars.

It looks as if Edmonton people do care, and want change for the better instead of more of the same. The lowest this millenium voter turnouts clearly shows those election are out of touch with the Majority, the people of Edmonton.

15% to 19% of the voters support is no mandate whatsoever, except a mandate to improve voter turnout.

And a happy 4:20 to all!

Indeed yes, the title of this post is right. the is only one real and true God, and the one and only gods one and only religion is Scientific Theism!

which you can read more about at this link. https://davedowling.wordpress.com/scientific-theism-gods-religion/

Scientific theism is not a book of man written for man by man. Scientific Theism, which is the one and only religion of the one and only real God, is The Religion, there is no other. Any other is just a mere painting of the path instead of the path itself. Walking on a painting damages it. Walking on a path is good, paths are made for walking, metaphoricly speaking.

Scientific Theism is not found in a book of man written by men for mankind. Scientific Theism is found by the roadsigns of  self evident truths that litter the path of Scientific Theism that we all walk upon, even if we have no legs, metaphoricly speaking. The self evident truths that god has all critters bow down to and obey are things like the gravitational constant, the laws of thermodynamics, the conservation of energy, the expansion of the universe. these are all self evident truths that enable the books of man written by man for man to be. Those books of man written by man for man all point towards the self evident laws they must  obey, the self evident laws that permeate through our universe. The self evident laws that god writes with the big Bang enable the books to be, it is not hte books that enable the self evident laws to be. The self evident laws existed long before the books aquried the form they are now in, and will exist long after those books of man written for man by man have turned to dust.

Scientific Theism, the one and only religion of the one and only true and real god.

I use the word God so you understand the concept of what I text about. Gods real and true  and scientificly and politically correct name is the “Infinite Dimensional Point Of Infinite Raw Potential” 



Gas prices only inceasing as fast as the oil companies billions of dollars of profit! Alberta has the largest in the world oil reserves, yet also pays some of the largest in the world prices at the pump for gas.

This is all done so Oil companies can enjoy profits so large they are larger than most nations national budgets. At least Venezuala has implemented a progressive oil tax on oil companies profits. Something the barbarian of alberta only dreams of giving to the people of Alberta.

Raw oil sands for lubrication is what the Oil companies are using when they tell the priemer of Alberta to bend over. . . .

 Only a barbarian would say low speed electric vehicles made in Canada are too slow for the pedestrian filled roads of the cities of Alberta. BC allows them on thier roads. . . . .

Alberta needs electric vehicles, compressed air vehicles and whatever else enables Albertans to drive away from the expensive gas pumps instead of towards them.