Indeed yes, the title of this post is right. the is only one real and true God, and the one and only gods one and only religion is Scientific Theism!

which you can read more about at this link.

Scientific theism is not a book of man written for man by man. Scientific Theism, which is the one and only religion of the one and only real God, is The Religion, there is no other. Any other is just a mere painting of the path instead of the path itself. Walking on a painting damages it. Walking on a path is good, paths are made for walking, metaphoricly speaking.

Scientific Theism is not found in a book of man written by men for mankind. Scientific Theism is found by the roadsigns of  self evident truths that litter the path of Scientific Theism that we all walk upon, even if we have no legs, metaphoricly speaking. The self evident truths that god has all critters bow down to and obey are things like the gravitational constant, the laws of thermodynamics, the conservation of energy, the expansion of the universe. these are all self evident truths that enable the books of man written by man for man to be. Those books of man written by man for man all point towards the self evident laws they must  obey, the self evident laws that permeate through our universe. The self evident laws that god writes with the big Bang enable the books to be, it is not hte books that enable the self evident laws to be. The self evident laws existed long before the books aquried the form they are now in, and will exist long after those books of man written for man by man have turned to dust.

Scientific Theism, the one and only religion of the one and only true and real god.

I use the word God so you understand the concept of what I text about. Gods real and true  and scientificly and politically correct name is the “Infinite Dimensional Point Of Infinite Raw Potential”