I would personally like to once again thank the Edmonton Sun newspaper and the Edmonton sun employees and contractors and freelance reporters for such excellent election coverage on the provincial and Edmonton Municipal elections!

As I not only talked Campaign reform, but actually did it in the last Edmonton civic election, I was amazed at the total number of votes I, Dave Dowling recieved.

With all the venom dripping spittle flung my way by the Edmonton Sun’s so called competition, I was not just amazed, but totally amazed that with a campaign budget of under $20 so many thousands voted for me, Dave Dowling. I suppose it just goes to show that there is people in Edmonton who care about the environment, our quality of life, and such things like overtaxation and wasteful spending of those taxed dollars.

It looks as if Edmonton people do care, and want change for the better instead of more of the same. The lowest this millenium voter turnouts clearly shows those election are out of touch with the Majority, the people of Edmonton.

15% to 19% of the voters support is no mandate whatsoever, except a mandate to improve voter turnout.

And a happy 4:20 to all!