Indeed, yes, most people do have a religion, for even atheism is a religion. And a religion is far far better than a cult could ever dream of been. Mr Diotte over at the of course has a religion as most people do, even if he denies it! He arrived at his beliefs because of a leap of reasoning his mind made, based on evidence it percieved. We all do this, with whatever the mind decides is truth. Even when one notices the typos I post in posts, one is doing this.

Evidence is percieved, the evidence is used by the mind to make a leap of reasoning to what the truth is, that the minds now believes.

Of course most cults use the mistaken evidence of myth or hearsay, but those with a religion usually use the evidence of reality to make such a leap of reasoning.

In pretty well any religion vrs cult match the religion wins hands down anytime, no matter how unweildly and ghastly the broadsheet paper of the cult believing scribe is. . . .

On a side note, it looks like Spring is here in Edmonton, Capital of the mighty and vastly wonderous Nation of Alberta. So expect lots of traffic snarls as the city wastes money on a crumbling road system because Edmonton and area has no real LRT plan.