The state of nature and natural in Alberta is of course on the deklien. Less trees, less clean waters, less clean airs, and well, it looks as if up north in Alberta, Oiled duck is the perferred target of the Oil company executives.

With all the trillions of Dollaqrs they gobble up, those pesky Oil company executives have found a new way of using oil for hunting! Yes indeed, it is the oil duck trap. Yep, those ingenius oil executives have found a way to hunt ducks without guns, probably in an attempt to please PETA and such organizations. Those oil executives make large ponds of goo, that to a duck look like a water pond, and well, when the ducks land on the goo, they get covered in it and die. And not just one at a time. Oh, no, those oil executives kill those pesky ducks by the hundreds and thousands at a time. fermented rotted duck carcass just may add something to the oil they skim off those ponds of gooo.

It looks as if the premier will be there hunting ducks with no bullets sometime soon, Probably on his next “hunting” trip up north to Ft McGreedy. Of course Mr Barbarian will name it something other than a hunting trip. I imagine the ginuiss people will be wanting to verify that so many ducks were killed with out a single bullet been fired from a shotgun, as it probably is a world record. Greenpeace activist Mike Hudema, opposition leader Kevin Taft, Aboriginal leaders and the Majority of albertans will be ignored by the barbarian party for a public inquiery into the oil companies trapping entire flocks of ducks out of season. Trapping Ducks, out of season and over thier limit, and no public inquiery by premier BARBARIAN, who as you see has truely earned his name.

Will oiled duck be on the premiers breakfast menu or perhaps some Oiled whooping crane? Phone and ask him yourself! Does premier barbarian care about the environment? the proof is in the oil, where it always has and always will lie.

My other Question is did the Oil companies have a Duck hunting licence, or is that a Duck trapping licence, and is duck trapping season open? I thought one could not hunt ducks till fall. . .  Will this inspire rural Alberta to create thier own ponds of used vehicle goo to trap ducks?