Billions more for the oil Companies in the form of less tax. Yep, the government decided they were not making enough and decided to give them all tax breaks. Instead of giving working Canadians less taxes, it was decided those Oil companies need the Billions more than you do.

Gas up 30% compared to last year, food prices doubling, rents beyond belief, and it is the oil companies that are getting the benefits from your federal government.

This is Proof Canada is no democracy, but a land of corporatism which is similar to fascism.

On a environmental side note, Rumor-mongering has it hat Oiled duck is easier to BBQ than normal duck as the oiled feathers just burn away. 

The way the governments care for corporations and not for the worker working, I could see all  those dead oiled ducks ending up on some food banks menu. . .

with all those billions upon Billions of oiled company profits, it is just amazing that cheep foreign labour was not brought in by those pesky oil companies to scare ducks away from the ponds of toxic goo.  It is even more amazing that some form of cheep netting was not put over the ponds of toxic goo, that is used to trap unwary ducks out of season. 500 ducks, that has to be over the limit. why isn’t fish and wildlife involved?