is close to been the blog of the copy and paste hack scribe named mckeen. is the blog of the respected writter with the name of Kerry Diotte.

Copy and paste hackboy scribeès blog has the dangerous name of disobedience, Wow, it makes one think its a heros blog and not the blog of a copy and paste scribe. Well is that blog ever misnamed. I doubt hackboy scribe has ever done a disobedience thing in his entire life. Maybe back in grade 5 he peed in an alley! but comeone, that is nowhere near taking on the entire police force as Mr Kerry Diotte has.

Mr Diotte blog is named As I see it. which In My opinion is a far far better name for a blog by a writter than hackboys blogs name.

In a ten round no holds barred battle of the blogs between the copy and paste scribe blog and the excellent writter, Mr. Kerry Diotte blog, the winner would of course be Mr Kerry Diotte. His Blog is boss king.

The scribes kindergarden blog would be in the hospital for 6 to 8 months whining how someone sent a nasty email. . . .


damm, even with all my typos my blog is better than the copy and paste scribes blog. . .

Dont worry Scotty, allthough, no one will be beaming you up,  at any good store in Edmonton, you can get some fine cheese to go with all that whine on that so called blog of yours.