where are all those [provincial parks in Alberta? Looking at my map of Alberta, there is more clear cutting logging areas than provincial park land. . . . Around the mighty Capital of Alberta, there isn’t a provincial park within a hours drive of Edmonton.

It looks as if one would have to walk for weeks to get to a provincial park from Edmonton! Premier BARBARIAN, this says so much about your view of the environment. It looks as if the only provincial parks around Edmonton are reserved for corporations to pillage the environment!

No provincial park in Edmonton. No provincial park in Ft Sask or in vegerville! In fact the only provincial park within a weeks walking of Edmonton looks to be the very very small pigion lake provincial park!

I suppose there is no provincial parks near Edmonton because all the trees were chopped down for broadsheet newspapers, so copy and paste scribes can copy and paste worthless propaganda for whomever stuffs the most money in thier pockets!

Will there ever be a provincial park near or in Edmonton? Probably not, for Edmonton city councilors would never ever get the mayor of edmonton to approach the Premier of Alberta to ask where oh where is the provincial parks near or in Edmonton?

Perhaps it is time to get a HERO like Mr. Kerry Diotte involed in this issue.