The Alberta premier had his first prayer breakfast today at the Shaw confrence center, And I thought I saw Mr Kerry Diotte there! I could be wrong. Mr Diotte is to the art of writting like klien was to the conservative party in Alberta. Just amazing, pure brillance, and ready to tackle anything!

The current Mayor of Edmonton was there, and even said hello to one of his rivals in the 2010 Mayor of Edmonton election.

the $35 fee per plate seamed a bit outragous, and looked to be a lot of money that could have gone towards better things, like fighting corporate poverty, or making sure Oil companies pay no taxes. . . . The service was great, but the eggs had a corporate taste to them, and the bacon had a flavor like high inflation and way too low wages. the fried taters looked like they had been grown with absolutely no reguard for the environment whatsoever! Allthough there was no Oiled duck on the menu, the coffee was excellent.

The worlds largest trio from Kings college of Edmonton, performed an excellent OCanada. Allthough I thought they should have played the Nation of Alberta’s National anthem instead.

Serge LeCleric, MLA from Saskatoon Northwest, gave an excellent speech, and showed those qualities that make him such an excellent guest speaker.

the whole Breakfast made me wonder though, Is Alberta a secular society? Hopefully, allthough it seams paying and praying to the Alberta conservatives does give one a better chance at been hired by the government!


rumormongering has it the Mayor of Edmonton’s prayer breakfast earlier this year was far far better and tastier.