On the May long weekend, as you and yours head out to the Federal parks as there really isnt all that many good Provincial parks, watch out for the sasquatch’s and other wild life. They have no lawyers to sue and are all innocent victims that do not know they should not be on that road.

A long weekend is not enough time to walk to any provincal park near Edmonton, as there really isn’t any in the Edmonton area. The Federal Park of Elk Island is within walking distance in My Opinion of Edmonton.

and watch out for the americanized Provincal sherrifs, the new and improved road tax collectors, who apperantley are better than the RCMP at taxing motorists trying to enjoy the ever so high prices of guzzoline!

Those high prices of guzzoline are to enjoying the weekend as the engish language puritans are to typoos, or is that typos?

Yes, the rumor-mongering is true, I make lots of typos and typoos all over the place in posts I post, and emails I send, because I am Dave Dowling, and boldly post that raw manuscript with no spell checking, nor editoring whatsoever.

I leave the spell checkin’ and editin’ to those copy and paste scribes, and the whine crowd that can only see the typoos, the typos and nothing but the typoos, and would want to edit michealangelos paintings because they dpnt like the colors.. . .


Don’t have too much this May long weekend, or the various levels of governments just may come up with new fangled ways to tax that too. . .

Finally winter is all most over here in the great and Mighty Nation of Alberta!