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The telus report shows how the Prime Sinister, Stevil Harker or whatever his name is, won the “code of silence” award from the CAJ. (Canadian associate of Journalists. . . . To quote from the Telus article; “CAJ president Mary Agnes Welch says Harper’s “white-knuckled death grip on public information” made it the easiest decision ever rendered by its judges.”

Kerry Diotte is the local president of the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and is also  on the national board of directors of the non-profit organization. Mr Kerry Diotte also volunteered to chair the CAJ’s national conference here in Edmonton, this week where the Harker was awarded the award.  

Of course the broadsheet rumormongering mills will of course most likely fail to mention this newsworthy tidbit of information, how one of Edmontons own, did put together this wonderful event.

WTG (Way To Go) Mister Kerry Diotte on the volunteering, I am sure your shining example of how its done, will one day make broadsheet scribes everywhere to try and reach for that honored title and dignified name of “writter.” instead of stooping to copying and pasting.

Oh, and due to disabilities and not using a spell checker or editor, I, Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010, have left some typos here and there in this article, because I am brave and bold, and have no code of silence when it comes to how I type!

Perhaps tally them typoos up, and send notification to me and all, and then you too may win an award from this Blog. . .