It seams all fuel costs are skyrocketing up towards where the space station dwells and the shuttle craft fly! Indeed the oil companies or someone is making trillions of profit worldwide froim the skyrocketing prices of transportaiton, cooking and keeping the house warm.

If only Alberta had invested more into environmental friendly power. If only there was electric car manufaturing plants in alberta or Edmonton. If Edmonton had invested in wind power, solar power, and other sources of green energy, ten fleets of trollies could be ferrying passengers on Edmonton streets. After all driverless vehicles do exist.

Indeed, there is a lack of leadership in Edmonton, Alberta, and perhaps all of Canada at the government level, when it comes to giving Edmontonians cheap transportation and costless electricity,

That is probably from elected ones towing the party line, instead of listening to the  overtaxed voters. 
I am sure that electric vehicles are cheaper per kilometer to drive than guzzoline powered vehicles. Hydrogen is probably cheaper that the guzzoline that is only going up in price.

The voter voting has gotten exactly what they voted for! More gouging on everything, with no end of rising prices in site.

Eat less, work more, the new motto of the voter voting. . . .