First off, as far as I know , no one grows oranges in Alberta for commercial sale!
So, the first place one would go, is to the local polical parties to heap donations into the donation box, so it is easier to get a permit to exploit the enrivonment in the quest for iron ore to refine into Iron!, once some iron ingots are ready , one can smelt them and make some stainless steel!

The stainless steel is needed of course, to cut an orange up, so one can enjoy the fine taste of an Albertan Orange. Yes, once the environment has been ravaged for that knife, a couple of thousand workers worked near to death from double triple overtime producing that knife, then one is ready to approach the local political parties for more donations into the donation box so its easier to get a permit to fly off to political vacation lands where its warm in winter to exploit some foreign labourers for some oranges!

After some extensive shipping arrangements and free orange deliveries to some political people, one can then start exploiting more workers working overtime , so one can makes heaps of excess profit selling excess oranges to local Albertans.
after pillaging local albertans pockets for profits from Oranges, One is then ready to enjoy that free hard to get, Alberta Orange in the fine dining company of Oil executives, politcal pundits and of course, some menial paid workers worker overtime to haul those orange peels away

And that is how the Alberta orange is enjoyed in certain circles, after thier political friends get thier excessive wage increases, while the workers working toil more hours for less.