The Ndp at thier Calgary convention, showed how they like splitting the vote, so the barbarian party can sell Alberta off! Indeed yes, the Ndp leader, mr mason, said how the ndp could never ever work with a left wing party like the liberals, and that the status quo in Alberta is terrific and that the barbarian party of Alberta is doing such a fine job of running the Country into the ground that the ndees will just keep doing what they do.

Which is nothing but splitting the vote so the Barbarian party can get a majority government election after election after election in the Nation of Alberta!

I call this putting the party platform before the people of Alberta. which is part of the problem in politics. Political parties that put the party platform before the mighty people of Alberta, are the norm in Alberta politics.

perhaps in a couple of hundred years, the nd will form the government in Alberta if they are still a political party then. Which may not happen as the quality of working together with others to represent the people is something unheard of in Alberta politics, except on this here blog of blogs. Yep, in Calgary the ND’s at thier convention, voted to work by themselves, as political isolation is something they seam to like.

I would imagine a lot of people would have problems working for an organization that can  not work with others. Co-operation is a keystone of civilization.

It’s time for another political party in Alberta composed of albertans that can work together for Alberta and Albertans instead of just towing the party line.