Shows how Mr Diotte agrees that Edmonton city council is spending like a bee stung buffalo in a chinaware store! One iof the many reasons why Dave Dowling is standing for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010! Mr Diotte of the Edmonton Sun www.edmontonsun,com forgot one thing though, the fact that the Mayor of Edmonton is leading counil to not only overspend, but spend on the wrong stuff, just like the bee stung buffalo in the chinaware shop!

After all who in thier righty mind would want to buy a truckload of broken cups, saucers and busted plates?

Maybe a new age artist in need of some solid paint, would want buckets of buffalo busted bits of chinaware, but even then they would want below rock bottom prices!

The Mayors salary, the Mayors pensions, the Mayors expense accounts, the Mayors office budget, all up, up up and that is the eladership been shown to the rest of the city workers.

Mr Diotte also forgot to lay the blame where it belongs, square in the mayors chair, where all the leadership on wrongful spending is coming from.

In 2010 get off the couch and VOTE!