One only needs to look at ther map of Alberta, or ask an Albertan what thier favorite Park is? The answer always seams to be a NAtional park, not a provincial park. And the reason is ovious if one only looks at a map of Alberta. Notice how all the large park area is National, not provincial?

Where oh where are all the provincial parks? Near Edmonton there isn’t really any. Elk island Nation Park, run by the Federal government and not the provincial government is the closest most decent park near Edmonton, the Capital of Alberta!

Yep, that about says it all right there for Premier Barbarian and his barbarian partys environmentalism. And ditto for Mayor tax and spend of Edmonton! Mayor Tax and spends idea of a park is to waste vast sums of taxpayers money developing it into a tourist trap to rob peoples pockets of hard earned monies.

Parks are excellent wayts of environmentalism, when it is a park in its natural state, not a manicured foreign tree planted thing with vast amounts of concrete and tar. Natural state parks are excellent ways of environmentalism, for they improve the Quality of life! 

So is letting farmers grow hemp for fuel. The Provincial government knew way way back in the 1930’s that hnemp grows great out near vegerville. Hemp for fuel is far better than toxic goo ponds for fuel.

Hemp also grows great in those poor soil condition farmlands, where genetic mutated corn grows not.

In fact taber and south is the only place one can grow corn in Alberta for fuel, whereas HEMP can be grown from the mountains of the west to the prairies of the east to the badnlands of the south and even up in the broeial forests of the north!, And no toxic ponds of goo are needed to grow hemp in the MIGHTY NATION OF ALBERTA!!

Open pit mining, toxic goo lakes, no provincal parks with world recognition, no electric cars, no compressed air cars, corporations allowed to pollute as they want, no mandatory vehicle emmision tests, and on and on and on, clearly show PREMIER BARBARIAN and the barbarian party has truely earned his grade triple F (FFF) on the environment.

In 2010 Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.