July 2008


Has an interesting story on how Sasquatch’s are easier to see, than a city of Edmonton budget with tax DEcreases for the overtaxed voter.

Indeed, people across the country find it easier to see Ogopogos in lakes, and Sasquatches in the wild woods, than to see a non-tax increasing budget from the city of Edmonton.

The Mayor is why. His leadership of $10,000+ raises every year, has set the example for the rest of the city to follow. when the so named leader is all about tax and spend, its not long before the rest of council is doing the same.

If only there was some nontaxing and non-spending leadership on the city of Edmonton council.

It sure looks as if leadership is something severly lacking in the mayors chair, and the council chambers. . .

But hey, at least you chances of seeing a Sasquatch and Ogopogo are better than a city budget iwth tax DEcreases.

A city of Edmonton Tax DECREASE, more mythical than ogopogo and Sasquatch!


More mythical and far rarer than ogopogo is a city of Edmonton budget with a tax DECREASE for the overtaxed property owner!

According to the edmontonsun.com http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Edmonton/2008/07/24/6248771-sun.html

One of the mayor of Edmontons pricey to the taxed voter pet projects, the “welcome to Edmonton” million dollar pyramid signs, will not be happening.. . . .

As the Mayor of Edmonton hides his face, while pouting over the ax job the rest of council did to his pet million dollar project. He beraited all of Edmonton, screaming that those pyramids were a vision directly from Jesus or something, and that Edmonton better pay up for his million dollar plus visions from Jesus! And that Edmonton better dig deep into those overtaxed voters pockets to raise the chump change of a few measly millions, for his pet pyramid project!

What the heck are millions, when its a vision form Jesus that Edmonton MUST have!

Couns. Linda Sloan and Dave Thiele were absent from the vote, Linda was probably in the office leading the cell phone pyramid revolt against the Dragon of overtaxing and overspending!.

Couns. Bryan Anderson, Don Iveson, Tony Caterina, Ron Hayter, Kim Krushell and Amarjeet Sohi voted against, the pyramid, and the spend and tax leadership of the Mayor of Edmonton insuring the rest of council gets those kushy committee chair positions, that enable a councilor to double and triple dip at the taxpayers trrough!

Couns. Linda Sloan probably would have voted against it, while tax and spend supporter Dave Thiele probablly would have voted for the pyramids if they only cost more! I am sure Thiele could have come up with some nefarious ways to triple or quadruple the costs, to help squander as much as he can of the overtaxed voters money! 

Couns. Bryan Anderson, Don Iveson, Tony Caterina, Ron Hayter, Kim Krushell and Amarjeet Sohi who all voted against the million dollars plus pet pyramid project of hte Mayor must in the mayors eyeballs and nightmares now be like an ogopogo ready to gobble up the leadership in council chambers. . . . .

Even with this councilors revolt, pictures of ogopogo are easier to get than a City of Edmonton budget with a tax DECREASE for the overtaxed property tax owner.

Indeed, it is ever so very true. according to http://www.mytelus.com/ncp_news/article.en.do?pn=oddities&articleID=2960513

“Robyn Holman says she took a picture and is now waiting to get the photo developed. Whether it turns out or not, the Kelowna, B.C., woman is now convinced that the legendary Ogopogo does exist. ”


has lots of information on ogopogos which are easier to take a picture of, than to get a non-tax increasing budget in the city of Edmonton!

A City of Edmonton budget with Tax DEcreases for the overtaxed voter is more mythical than ogopogo will ever be! Why? Because that is what the non-voting majority want!

the nonocracy, where ogopogos exist and City of Edmonton budget tax decreases never ever happen. . .

And the overtaxed voter better get another hundred of thousand ready for the Mayapors and concilors cost of living wage increases, cost of living expense account increases, cost of living gas allowance increases and all the rest of the cost of living increases that councils and the mayors meager wages will gouge from your pockets, purses, and wallets!

Mayapor, What a typo that is. And how brave and bold of Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010 to leave that in the post your reading!

What do you think Ed, will the Mayapor of Edmonton like that? 🙂

Indeed, I was there.

Premier Ed, Premiers wife, Dave Dowling. Rumor-mongering has it that the person in the middle is the one that actually runs everything in the Nation of Alberta.

Another video by your Favorite Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010: Dave Dowling.

Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton! in 2010


Show that Dr. David Suzuki probably agrees with Dave Dowling that Alberta has a Barbarian of a premier when it comes to the environment! One may as oil well name Alberta “corporations pollute when and where they can “Park. . .

One only has to google earth Alberta to see the ravaged nature all across the Nation of Alberta.

Alberta could grow enough hemp for fuel to fuel all of Canada, on marginal Land that is not used for anything else right now, right here in Alberta.

Ogf course you will have to read about it here, and not in any major media, because it seams all the major media own oil shares or something. . . . .

Guantanamo Bay is a travesty of everything Canada stands or sits for. It looks like hundreds of laws are broken every second at the torture center named Guantanamo Bay , where Canadian children are subjected to cruel and unusual treatment, against everything the geneva convention texts about.

Canada should stomp its way into that Bay, free any Canadians there and triple spank whomever is in charge of that dungon shop of horrors that deprives children of sleep for weeks. For someone is beyond crimes against humanity bad. To throw the geneve convention and charter of rights and freedoms out the window, along with a few other laws that are there to prevent such barbarianism is beyond bad, hench the triple spanking.

The Canadian army could easly sniper down any guards there from 3 kilometers away, which would enable the Canadian navy to blast its way to the rescue of that illegally held Canadian.

On the way back home, the Canadian navy could ignite the entire east coast of America as a reminder to not do such nastyness to Canadians, and as a trubute to the war of 1812 where the white house burned. . . . to the ground.

Or we could just close the Alaska highway for repairs, and shut off the flow of oil. . flowing south. . .

Omar Khadr should be in Canada, and he should have been in Canada y e a r s ago.

http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/contact.asp?featureId=10 is the link to contact the Prime minister of Canada to ask him when is Canada going to invade the horror shop to free Omar?

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