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Marijuana is a herb that knowledge lacking-devil licking-idiots call a d r u g.  In the king james letters patent version of the bible that must be in a Canadian court for that court to be a lawful court, on the most important page of that letters patent king james version of the bible, page one:

It states how the seed bearing herb Marijuana is a GIFT FROM GOD! It is not a drug as the knowledge lacking lackies hark on.

Drugs are usually man made, like thalydomide or however its spelt, or DDT, or booze, drugs are manufactured and deadly posions that can actually kill people. Unlike the Godly gift of Marijuana which has never killed anyone.

Has a video which shows that Marijuana actually improves driving skills!

Do not be a knowledge lacking devil licking idiot! Instead become knowledgeable and be a sentient intelligent being, for it is far better to reach for wings than to stoop for a pointy tail. . . .