“Smoking pot in Italy is not a crime” so sayth http://www.mytelus.com/ncp_news/article.en.do?pn=oddities&articleID=2954530

In Canada, the devil licking-knowledge lacking-prohibitionists want to give pot smokers a  a real good scurging with one of those multi-tailed whips with barbed hooks on the end, so they are ready for some railroad spikes going threw the limb, pining them to a tree, all in public so the children can watch, for enjoying a seed bearing herb, a gift of god as the letters patent king james version of the bible; which has to be in a court of the queens bench, for that court to be a lawful court, says.

There, just above this sentance is a very bold, and most bravely done, run on sentance worthy of a Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010!