Umm, because the mayors wages are always going up, is one of the reasons property taxes go up. When the mayor is making a s i x figure income (hundreds of thousands of dollars, $X00,000.00), a ten poorcent raise is $X0,000.00 (Tens of thousands of dollars), That can be a wholloping one thousands dollars per property tax payer if there is only ten property tax payers in town.

Those city councilors of course vote as the Mayor tells them to vote, because the Mayor can dangle commision chairs and such before the councilors to sway thier vote to what the non voter never wants. This of course helps increase the number of non-voters in a nonocracy, which totalitarian dictators like!

More non-voters, means the incumbents family votes matter more, hence the ever increasing numbers of non-voters in civic elections in Edmonton, for some only want the power, not the actual democracy. For would mayors wages be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars if everyone voted on the matter?

That is what real Democracy is, where all vote on everything. Edmontons municipal government is more of a pretend kind of democracy, where the people only vote once every so many years, when it is cold out. Cold as studies indicate, increase the number of non-voters. As pointed out, the more non-voters there is, the more the incumbents families votes matter!

Taxes continue to go up, for most mayors like to tax the citizens so they can spend the money on raises for the mayor! And the mayor of course, dangles councilor raises, like a carrot on a stick, so the councilors vote for all the spending of the taxpayers money on raises for council.

You the non-voter never ever votes for more taxes so the mayors salary can rise like oil prices, no, it’s the Mayor and the other council members that vote for such things. Which is why the mayors wages are At least 25 times what a single person on social assistance recieves in monetary funds. . . . .

Because you do not vote is why property taxes are and will continue to go up. this is a much more reasonable explanation than any story the mayor and council will dish out to you in the media, and when you hear their story on why property taxes are going up in the media, make sure you are a lover of fiction, for that is what you will hear from them in the various media.

It will probably be a very windly and winedy tall tale of fiction with a couple of boogie monsters named inflation thrown in, and its bog cousin “not enough funds from other levels of government” rising up to pummel the over taxed voter.

which will distract you the non-voter from the truth of the whole matter, which is:

You do not vote, and the mayor and council do.