Guantanamo Bay is a travesty of everything Canada stands or sits for. It looks like hundreds of laws are broken every second at the torture center named Guantanamo Bay , where Canadian children are subjected to cruel and unusual treatment, against everything the geneva convention texts about.

Canada should stomp its way into that Bay, free any Canadians there and triple spank whomever is in charge of that dungon shop of horrors that deprives children of sleep for weeks. For someone is beyond crimes against humanity bad. To throw the geneve convention and charter of rights and freedoms out the window, along with a few other laws that are there to prevent such barbarianism is beyond bad, hench the triple spanking.

The Canadian army could easly sniper down any guards there from 3 kilometers away, which would enable the Canadian navy to blast its way to the rescue of that illegally held Canadian.

On the way back home, the Canadian navy could ignite the entire east coast of America as a reminder to not do such nastyness to Canadians, and as a trubute to the war of 1812 where the white house burned. . . . to the ground.

Or we could just close the Alaska highway for repairs, and shut off the flow of oil. . flowing south. . .

Omar Khadr should be in Canada, and he should have been in Canada y e a r s ago. is the link to contact the Prime minister of Canada to ask him when is Canada going to invade the horror shop to free Omar?