Indeed, it is ever so very true. according to

“Robyn Holman says she took a picture and is now waiting to get the photo developed. Whether it turns out or not, the Kelowna, B.C., woman is now convinced that the legendary Ogopogo does exist. ”

has lots of information on ogopogos which are easier to take a picture of, than to get a non-tax increasing budget in the city of Edmonton!

A City of Edmonton budget with Tax DEcreases for the overtaxed voter is more mythical than ogopogo will ever be! Why? Because that is what the non-voting majority want!

the nonocracy, where ogopogos exist and City of Edmonton budget tax decreases never ever happen. . .

And the overtaxed voter better get another hundred of thousand ready for the Mayapors and concilors cost of living wage increases, cost of living expense account increases, cost of living gas allowance increases and all the rest of the cost of living increases that councils and the mayors meager wages will gouge from your pockets, purses, and wallets!

Mayapor, What a typo that is. And how brave and bold of Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010 to leave that in the post your reading!

What do you think Ed, will the Mayapor of Edmonton like that? 🙂