Has an interesting story on how Sasquatch’s are easier to see, than a city of Edmonton budget with tax DEcreases for the overtaxed voter.

Indeed, people across the country find it easier to see Ogopogos in lakes, and Sasquatches in the wild woods, than to see a non-tax increasing budget from the city of Edmonton.

The Mayor is why. His leadership of $10,000+ raises every year, has set the example for the rest of the city to follow. when the so named leader is all about tax and spend, its not long before the rest of council is doing the same.

If only there was some nontaxing and non-spending leadership on the city of Edmonton council.

It sure looks as if leadership is something severly lacking in the mayors chair, and the council chambers. . .

But hey, at least you chances of seeing a Sasquatch and Ogopogo are better than a city budget iwth tax DEcreases.

A city of Edmonton Tax DECREASE, more mythical than ogopogo and Sasquatch!