August 2008

Winkey the three eyed parrot, wonder of internet blogs,  was squaking out some pirate jokes and I managed to remember all three of them pirate jokes!

1 what do you call 11 pirates and a pirate captin robbed the oveertaxed voters pockets? Edmonton city council! Haha!

2 What do you call 82 pirates and a pirate captin that pillage the pockets, wallets, and paychecks of the overtaxed voter? Answer The Alberta Government! Ho ho ho Haha.

3 What do you call the captin of a super pirate ship that has 307 pirates all trying to steer the pirate ship in a different direction, while they all loot the pockets of the overtaxed voters? Stevil Harper! Ha ha ha.

The best way to deal with such pirates from the pirate parties is to GET OUT AND VOTE whenever you can for non-pirate people.


Michael Langan, 17, died shortly after being Tasered by police, 26-year-old Craig McDougall was shot and killed by police,  Freddy Alberto Villanueva, died from his wounds in hospital, after been shot by police in Montreal, Robert Dziekanski’s , tazed to death in Vancouver, by RCMP officers, and the list goes on and on and on. People unjustly, and wrongfully executed by those there to protect them. Executed by employees of the state. . . . . . . has a list and map and names of the tasered victims of police state violence. A taser is suppose to be a gun subsitute. When police in Edmonton are wanting to pull out guns and shoot someone wandering on the street, something is wrong. . in Edmonton. when police in vancouver want to pull out a gun and shoot a disorentated traveler, who knows no english or french, something in wrong. . . . . in Vancouver. When police want to pull out a gun and shoot someone because they do not want to talk to them, something is wrong . . . . . in Montreal.

When these incidents are happening coast to coast to coast, as I have pointed out on this here blog, something in wrong in not just the cities, but the entire Nation of Canada.

Police are suppose to be there to serve and protect, and possibly arrest. They are not there to be judge, jury, and executioner as thier actions across the land show thier overall mentality to be, when it comes to that motto of “Serve and protect”.