The prime sinsiter, stevel harper is clearly the second biggest looser, the first been the non-voting public that get less and less representation in government. Voting for a represenative 3 out of four years is not democracy, it is representative democracy.

Democracy is where everyone would be voting on all matters of government including those representatives wages, which would be no where near what they are if every one voted on every bill in parliment and the senate. That would be real democarcy, not the pretend kind that exists in Canada.

And the six year old says, “Daddy momey, have a bird poop on that evil liberal!” and that is probablywhere that came from, which shows how the communist party of stevil harper has no one to really lead except by bullyism. Communists luv to tax the people, give those taxes  to themselves and  big corporations, while telling you the competition is only good for birds to poop on.

Whearas jack layiton did indeed lay it on this week with the fire and brimestone of a born again preacher, awacking on and on how his communist party is the only communist party that can save everyone from the two horned oil deamons!

And the Ms May is now included in the clown debates, where they who paint the others faces first to look like a fool wins! Of course the great clown debates will happen in front of the public private controlled cameras so all can see which fool is the finest fool. and of course the communist party of ms may is the only communist party that can get those private media to open up and devote the first five pages or minutes to saving the trees.

And of course the Ducepe communist party is saying it is the only communist party that save Ontario from the evils of the west.

And the  communist party of the Dion is of course saying how iit is the only communist party that can save all of canada from all the communist partys wanting to tax all of Canada to death so oil pirates and bank pirates and communist party members can  enjoy obsence wages and pensions beyond belief.

Indeed, at $1.75 per vote per year the clear winner is the communist parties.

Once again the loosers are all of Canada who have to vote one of these fools into the office of prime minister. Make sure you at least show up to spoil the ballot this October 14th, after all that too is a choice, that results in no one getting that $1.75 per vote per year.

Communist, fascist, it’s all the same, once in power they all do the same, up the taxes, lower the representation and give Canada scandel after scandel. . . . .