October 2008

The Following was brought to my attention by Mr G. Whitnack of the holy Smoke healing Center Society of Alberta. Indeed, that most publicized “do not call list” is more of a please call and solicite me list. The Please call me list has no minister overseer responsible for this scam, and Scam it truely is.

For that list of millions of peoples names, phone numbers and etc is been sold to the highest bidders! And of course you will not read about it in the major media, probably because thier major stockholders have vested intrests in foreign telephone solicitation call centers!

It dosent matter if you have a private number, once its on that list, it can be sold to the highest bidder! Foreign companies all over the world, do not care about Canada’s laws, its the profit they are after, just like the government of Canada, that will break privacy laws to get money for that list of people who do not want to be called by the telephone solicitors!

Foreign companies are just drooling over the prospect of circumnavigating the Laws of Canada, and obtaining private phone numbers of Canadian citizens, and those private numbers will be sold to them, by the government of Canada!

What a sham, what a double speak, what a horror been perpetrated upon the people of Canada by the Government of Canada. What another example of the Harper government not caring about Canadians!

Harper of the East is the one responsible for this horror, in My Opinion. And think twice before you go and add your name and number to the Please Call list that the government of Stevil Harper is selling to everyone and anyone who wants to pay.

When the taliban start calling your private unlisted phone and keep asking for Donations, you now know who is responsible, the Harper of the East.


Yes, TaXed should be the name of Edmonton, and here is another of many examples of why this name of TaXed should be on the maps.


Has an article on the city council that knows not what it does with all those billions it wastes every year. Inspired by the tax and spend Mayor of Edmonton, council has shown, that they and the mayor really have no idea what good government is.

To quote from the article by Frank Landry, ”

Meanwhile, Coun. Jane Batty questioned why the budget for the office of the city councillors is slated to increase by more than 11%, rising to $3.2 million. The money is used for things like hiring research assistants.”

Here, a councilor has no idea, where more than $350,000.00 is been spent! three-hundre and fifty-thousand dollars, and no idea where it is going? Does the Mayor know? These councilors and Mayor are suppose to be responsible for that yearly city budget and know where every nuckel and penny goes to. But of course, with a tax and spend Mayor leading the way, its who cares wehre the money is spent as long as it is spent.

That way another 14.5 % tax increase can be bashed into the the taxpayers fixed income budget the next year, on top of the increase this year!

My goodness, where is the cost cutting, the budgeting, the simple monetary resolve that the over taxed voter has to have, every paycheck spent to pay the bills? Not in the Mayors chair. Oh, no, that person is probably too busy helping with kicking backs across the street at the monstrosity known as the “Art Gallery” where helping the arts is giving 84 million or more to the property developers instead of the local artists.

$250 million and climbing 23 ave/QE II intersection overpass. More expensive than any two bridges crossing the river in Edmonton. Another example of wasting the overtaxed voters monies. For that kind of money , I believe 99 St could have been expanded to 4 lanes each way, with overpasses on all major intersections, from whyte ave to Calgary! That would have been a far more cost effective way to reduce traffic congestion on the QE 2 freeway.  And just wait till you see what the horrendus above ground lrt on the south side does to traffic there. I predict mass congestion All along 114 st. 250 million would have gone a long way to putting the lrt underground so it does not interfear with traffic like I fear the current plan will.

And why is it that there is 140 parts per million of who knows what in the city of Edmonton water? And what exactly is in that 140 parts per million? Is that stuff good for children to consume? $250 million would have gone a long way towards making Edmonton’s water the cleanest on the planet. . .

Next year, the Mayor, just like this year will loot another almost 2 billion $dollars from the overtaxed voters pockets to waste.

In 2010 Edmonton will be able to Vote once more for Leadership. . .


Has an award winning article by that sage of scribes, Mr Diotte. In that article that shows the broadsheet copy and pasters how to write, Kerry Diotte points out how the huge tax increase this year of 14.5% is outragous beyond belief!

Why it is probably easier to buy a real Iron Man suit, that to get a budget with no tax increases from the city hall of the city now named TaXed (Edmonton)

In that excellent article, Mr Diotte, points out how the mayors spent over ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00!) on consultants, because, besides upping the taxes every year, the mayor has no idea what he is doing

12 councilors and not an accountant amongst them all. Instead of a councilor stepping up for the people and the city and presenting an alternative budget with tax decreases, we have the coucnilors just doing what the mayor tells them to do, which is increase those taxes! Why, there is probably a coninsulting fee for consulting consultants to find out whos the best consult to consult about consulting, hence the coninsulting typo!

Con-in-sulting, because it sure is an insult to the people of the city of TaXed (Edmonton) to be conned into so many insulting consulting fees. Ten million would have paid for some real water purification equipment. 140 parts per million of who knows what in tap water is horrid.

Only when it comes to wasting the overtaxed voters money is there that thing named leadership.

In 2010 Edmonton will have the chance to vote for quality leadership once again.

Indeed. TaXed should be the name of Edmonton, Capital of the Nation of Alberta, the richest nation in the Confederation of Nations named Canada. Why is it that the Capital of the richest Nation in Canada has Taxes that are always going up?

It’s easy to say its the feds and the Premier whats his names government’s fault! Scapegoats are easy to manufacture in the closed office meetings at city hall, where money is wasted every second of the day.

Over at the www.edmontonsun.com Mr Diotte was pointing out the other week how taxes are probably goin up a minimum of 14% !! In the culture filled City of Edmonton, capital of the Nation of Alberta. After all tens of billions to hundreds of billions flow out to those eastern rulers every year!

Butt the truth is, there is a lack of leadership in Edmontons city council. Except when it comes to wasting and flushing the taxpayers money away. Then there is a fine example of leadership named the Mayor. Most mayors are there to make sure the citizens of the city have good government where the buses run on time. That way the people can live in a Nation that is “Strong and Free” and enjoy a safe and prosperous environment, where they can enjoy the fine pleasure of life , like the new hockey night in Canada theme song!

Butt, here in Edmonton, Capital of an emense nation that is almost Strong and Free as the Nation motto says, it seams the mayor wnat to only raise taxes year after year, so more police can be out there double taxing the citizens even though crime is down.  It may be that the Mayor has a plan where those who do not want tax increases may be declared terrorist of the taxing empire of the Mayor!

Year after year in Edmonton the Mayor constantly moans and cries how there just isnt enough Billions for the Mayors salary, and how taxes must go up so the Mayor can enjoy a cost of livin’ increase in the Mayors wages, perks and privleges. All, while services decrease. At least the feds and province kicked in some money so some of the roads can be repaved. Year after year, double digit tax increases.

Rumormongering has it that there must be books of black information on councilors, which the mayor dangles in front of them so they constant do what the Mayor orders them to do, and raise those taxes, year after year after year. that and the carrots of commision chairships so they too can double, triple and quadruple dip! After all ,m that is what they get to do , when those councilors are on those commisions and boards and such.

Leadership, in 2010 Edmonton will have a xhance to cast a ballot for it again.

Once again, the people of Alberta and the resty of Canada were the big loosers to the tune of over 300 Million dollars of the cost of the election. . . $300 million for an electiion that almost kept the status quo, for there is indeed a mighty large orange crack today in the seal of tory Alberta blue. and it happened in Edmonton Strathcona, where I did not stand as a Candidate this election!

allthough it also looks as if all the party leaders were loosers as none is a majority leader, they all actually won!

For they are robbing almost two dollars per year from your pockets for each vote thier party got. It works out to millions upon millions of dollars of funding for the big five political parties, with the charter infringing funding formula, which excludes smaller parties from recieving federal tax dollar funding, In-equality in our election funding laws, which are clearly against everything the charter of rights and freedoms stands up “strong and free” for.

Yes tens of millions of dollars , tax dollars for thier “agendas”

In Edmonton it looks as if the 400 to 500 votes I would have recieved if I was a Candidate did indeed determine the outcome in Edmonton Strathcona, making it so Edmonton and Alberta was not swept by a sea of Eastern serving blue.

Runormongering has it that you should look for the Alberta Bloc as the registration process for that politcal party starts swinging into full gear for the next Federal election. Look , as it is something you too can get involved with so Alberta has real representation.