Once again, the people of Alberta and the resty of Canada were the big loosers to the tune of over 300 Million dollars of the cost of the election. . . $300 million for an electiion that almost kept the status quo, for there is indeed a mighty large orange crack today in the seal of tory Alberta blue. and it happened in Edmonton Strathcona, where I did not stand as a Candidate this election!

allthough it also looks as if all the party leaders were loosers as none is a majority leader, they all actually won!

For they are robbing almost two dollars per year from your pockets for each vote thier party got. It works out to millions upon millions of dollars of funding for the big five political parties, with the charter infringing funding formula, which excludes smaller parties from recieving federal tax dollar funding, In-equality in our election funding laws, which are clearly against everything the charter of rights and freedoms stands up “strong and free” for.

Yes tens of millions of dollars , tax dollars for thier “agendas”

In Edmonton it looks as if the 400 to 500 votes I would have recieved if I was a Candidate did indeed determine the outcome in Edmonton Strathcona, making it so Edmonton and Alberta was not swept by a sea of Eastern serving blue.

Runormongering has it that you should look for the Alberta Bloc as the registration process for that politcal party starts swinging into full gear for the next Federal election. Look , as it is something you too can get involved with so Alberta has real representation.