The Following was brought to my attention by Mr G. Whitnack of the holy Smoke healing Center Society of Alberta. Indeed, that most publicized “do not call list” is more of a please call and solicite me list. The Please call me list has no minister overseer responsible for this scam, and Scam it truely is.

For that list of millions of peoples names, phone numbers and etc is been sold to the highest bidders! And of course you will not read about it in the major media, probably because thier major stockholders have vested intrests in foreign telephone solicitation call centers!

It dosent matter if you have a private number, once its on that list, it can be sold to the highest bidder! Foreign companies all over the world, do not care about Canada’s laws, its the profit they are after, just like the government of Canada, that will break privacy laws to get money for that list of people who do not want to be called by the telephone solicitors!

Foreign companies are just drooling over the prospect of circumnavigating the Laws of Canada, and obtaining private phone numbers of Canadian citizens, and those private numbers will be sold to them, by the government of Canada!

What a sham, what a double speak, what a horror been perpetrated upon the people of Canada by the Government of Canada. What another example of the Harper government not caring about Canadians!

Harper of the East is the one responsible for this horror, in My Opinion. And think twice before you go and add your name and number to the Please Call list that the government of Stevil Harper is selling to everyone and anyone who wants to pay.

When the taliban start calling your private unlisted phone and keep asking for Donations, you now know who is responsible, the Harper of the East.