Rule of Law, is how the laws work, how they are created, and struck down.

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Advocates hail Ontario court ruling on marijuana

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 1, 2000 | 11:35 PM ET

Advocates for the legalization of cannabis say Monday’s historic ruling on medical marijuana may soon lead to a total decriminalization of the drug.The Ontario Court of Appeals ruled that Canada’s current law prohibiting the possession of marijuana is unconstitutional.

The ruling says that if the federal government doesn’t put a new law on the books within 12 months, it will cease to be a crime to grow or smoke marijuana in Ontario.

The Ontario ruling says that Canada must have a marijuana law that allows people who have a legitimate medical need — like Terry Parker, who took his case to court — to smoke the drug, or have no law at all.  . . . ”

That was 8 long stinking years ago, that the justices of Ontario ruled that parliment MUST WRITE NEW LAWS, when it comes to marijuana.

A ministeerial order that can be changed at the whim of the minister, anytime is not a law debated, and passed by parliment to the senate who gives it to the govenor general so it can be signed into existance, then and only then is it a “Law of parliment,” that can be contested in the courts to make sure it is a VALID law that DOES NOT conflict with our rights and freedoms as guarenteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

the De jure of it all is: Since parliment has not made new marijuana laws, even though they have had 8 long smoking years to write new laws, there isn’t any. Marijuana possesion is a charge “unknown to law, ” here in Canada.


the de Facto of it all is: Justices, crown persicutors, and RCMP and all the various police forces are all breaking the law, when they try to charge someone with a charge “unknown to law”