All wealth, every drop of it, is created by a worker working. UNfortuantly, most workers do not own the means of production, Usually it is rich capitalists that own the means of production.

Example, a slum landlord owns a trailer park near sherwood park, near Edmonton , in the excellent Nation of Alberta. The Capital assest, the means of production is the trailer park , falling apart so much, that the garbage trucks will not enter it, the roads are so bad.  By charging excessive rent, and exhourbant fees, the slum landlord reaps vast amounts of profit, while the tenats live in 4th world conditions. (Even in the third world, people haul the garbage away.) If the tenants owned the property, it would probably be in better condition and never deteriorate to the point where the garbage trucks refuse to enter.

The slum landlord continues to do such,until the tenants are almost in revolt, and articles are appearing in the newspapers and media about the conditions in slumville. Then at this point the slumlandlord usually gets fined, hauled into court, again and again, and either spends pennies to fix things up, or looses the property. and the slumlandlords profits go down!

the same thing happens on a world scale. Business pillages the worker working until there is almost a revolt and profits dip.

The only way out of such a cycle of boom and bust is to get off the planet. for the make work projects of the last century only continued the boom-bust economic cycle, for most of those make work projects were not real projects worthy of that named intelligent sentient beings.

a co-ordinated effort by all countires, where 200 to 1000 space ports are built, and a million people per year are put into space, on the moon, in the astroid belt on mars, on the moons of the gas giants, and at stations inbetween them all is the only way out of the economic cycle of boom and bust.

If we were to do so in the most environmentally friendly ways possible, with things like railguns and such other non-polluting methods of launching people into space, to do so would be even more labour intensive to build, and create work for centuries.

Governments could easily print vast sums of monies to give to the banks so they can loan it out to the corporations to build the equipment needed. Those corporations would be needing so many workers working ther would be labour shortages for the next 300 years.

Wages would go up, the quality of life would improve, Education would improve, and there would be no boom or bust cycles for hundreds of years if not thousands of years. It would be nothing but boom forevermore it would seam.

Look at how Europe and indeed the rest of the world profited from the age of exploration. So too would the entire world from such a venture today. And they did not profit for just a day, it was hundreds of years!

Yes indeed, far tastier is a real Mammoth steak cloned from frozen in the permafrost thousands of years ago Mammoth, than a white elephant steak one can only see in the controversial headlines in the Corporate Media.