Mr. Kerry Diotte, teacher of broadsheet copy and paste scribes, hero of print was pointing out the other week how Edmonton’s Mayor likes to play the 3 shell blame game on why Edmonton has the highest taxes in the Solar system, galaxy and possibly the entire Universe!

Yes indeed, Edmonton’s Mayor, leader of the yearly budget, is of course a saying how the highest in the world tax rate isn’t because of his lack of leadership, but is due to civic employees who table the budget to council for voting.

Oh my, oh goodness, the pirate at the helm of the ship is a saying how he isn’t at the helm of the ship, while he is at the helm of the ship, steering it to the first deficit this millenium.

In a show of fiscal irresponsiblity, the irresponsible Mayor tax and spend of Edmonton, is trying to CONvince everyone that Mayor Tax and spend of Edmonton has no input into the budget. Memories of ENRON are dragged up by this claim of his. Similar to a “salted” claim that CONned many a poor overtaxed gold seeker into the grave.

According to Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton, all Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton does, is wear his blindfold and Vote however his corporate sponsers tell him to vote! Apperantly he can not even change the small change numbers on one small line of the overtaxing, always increasing, City of Edmonton budget.

11% hike for councils office budgets, almost 2/10ths of a million for replacing garbage cans, and that is just the tip of the dino bone named overtaxing. Then there is the $100 million plus art gallery, which when done will have the MOST EXPENSIVE price on realestate per square foot of gallery space.  Add to that the 1/3 of a $ Billion intersection on 23 ave and Calgary trail, more expensive than any 3 bridges across the river in Edmonton.  And that is just two of many squandering 3 eyed parrots wonders that Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton is wasting tax dollers on.

Also, according to Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton, since a bit over 10 poorcent of the people voted for Mayor Tax and spend to be Mayor Tax and Spend, Mayor Tax and Spend has a clear Mandate to Tax and Spend.

Don’t worry , there will probably be a nother tax increase next year too! After all that is what Mayor tax and spend does, tax and spend. . . . .  After all, it isn’t the worker that tells the corporate boss how to do the budget, its the corporate boss that tells the worker how the budget whould be.

Mayor tax and spends fictional story on how the tax increases are all the civic employees fault is just that; a story and not the Truth.  


The Truth is: With tax increase after tax increase, after tax increase, Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton has truely earned his title of: Mayor Tax and Spend of Edmonton.